If you are beginning a remodel of a kitchen, bathroom or other cabinet space, refacing is an excellent option. Cabinet refacing allows you to retain the same look of your cabinetry, but with new exterior designs that improve durability and the lifetime of your cabinets. Select your desired look from a variety of materials, stain colors, patterns, hardware and pulls to achieve your desired look for a fraction of the cost of new or custom cabinets.

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Cabinet Refacing Process

Refacing is a great option if you want a new look without spending a fortune on remodeling. A beautiful new kitchen will be created without changing anything else in the room. Most refacing jobs take only 2 to 4 days, so disruption is minimal and you can still use the room even while the work is being done. A typical reface includes new doors, drawer boxes, drawer fronts, slide guides and hinges, as well as covering all exposed surfaces of the cabinetry with the material of your choice.

Refacing does not change the layout of the cabinets. What it does is, provide you with new exterior design options that can greatly improve the durability of your cabinets as well as add years of life to them. The materials for a reface are almost limitless; "Solid Wood" doors may be used in most all common species of lumber. For our wood doors and veneers, solid stain colors are available or you may prefer one of our specialized finishing techniques. "Thermofoil", in solid colors, wood grain patterns, or for those who wish to truly make a statement, take a look at our "New Exotic" High Gloss Thermofoils!

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Example 1 (Before)

Cabinets by Precision Works is also an industry expert in cabinet refacing projects. Sometimes is doesn't make sense to purchase and install new cabinets.

In these cases, most clients choose to reface their cabinets while usually savings money at the same time. This is the before picture of our clients kitchen before proceeding with a cabinet reface job.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Example 1 (After)

Can you tell the difference? As you can see, this client refaced their spec kitchen cabinets with new cabinet doors, drawer fronts and moldings, resulting in the end result you see here.

Needless to say, the client was thrilled with the results of their kitchen cabinet refacing project.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Example 2 (Before)

This client liked the setup of their kitchen cabinets, but didn't like the color and style. Plus, they needed a few larger drawers to accommodate their growing family.

They called Cabinets by Precision Works, setup an appointment with one of our friendly Sales Executives, picked their color and design, placed their order and a few weeks later they had new looking cabinets for half the price.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Example 2 (After)

In this after photo, you can see how the client upgraded the look and feel of their kitchen cabinets to more modern design without having to purchasing brand new kitchen cabinets.

Also, if you look at the drawers below the microwave, you'll see how the client replaced a set of small drawers and cabinets with a set of larger drawers. Anything is possible with Cabinets by Precision Works.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Example 3 (Before)

Like the client above, this client wanted to update the look and feel of their kitchen cabinets without completely replacing them since the cabinet boxes were still in good condition.

So they called Cabinets by Precision Works, picked their color and design, and also removed a few cabinets to install an upgraded range hood.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Example 3 (After)

Within less than a week, Cabinets by Precision Works manufacturered all the required components for the kitchen cabinet refacing project right here in the Coachella Valley (just like all of our cabinets).

A few weeks later, the project was complete without any messy construction zones and the clients were happy that the resue of their cabinet boxes reduces their environmental impact.

Media Center Refacing Example 1 (Before)

Cabinets by Precision Works also refaces many other types of cabinets and shelving, including bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, and entertainment centers like this one.

In this case, the client wanted to reface the cabinets of their living room entertainment center. However, their still liked the look and feel, they just wanted to replace with an exact replica of what they had.

Media Center Refacing Example 1 (After)

By choosing Cabinets by Precision Works, you'll be able to create an exact match to what you currently had if you so desire. This is great when you just want to replace a few pieces and not the entire set of cabinetry.

Give us a call today to discuss all of the options available to you for your next cabinet refacing project(s).

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